Congratulations to our World Qualifiers!

O’Shea Irish Dance would like to honor and congratulate our 2011 World Qualifiers James Anderson, Taylor Best, Meghan Golder, Evan Lowe, & Liam Slattery, all of whom traveled to Dublin to compete over Easter at Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne; the World Irish Dance Championships. It takes a tremendous amount of work to achieve what they have done and no limit of sweat, stiff muscles and tears and - well – we just wanted to brag about them to our school and community!

They have all made us very proud – and most importantly – they all stand together as role models for the rest of our students in their example of a solid work ethic, tremendous dedication, hard earned dance skills and, not least; good sportsmanship and support of one another. It is for this reason, above all others, that we are delighted to have them as our own & representing our school.

Sincerely, Cormac and Natalie

Curious as to what it's like to head to Dublin for a dance competition? Two OID dancers, Meghan and Taylor (along with their families!) are graciously sharing their video of the trip with us!