Congratulations to our soloists!

  • Evan Lowe: Men Under 19 - 7th place!
  • Sean Boyles: Boys Under 15 - 23rd place!
  • Amy Green: Girls Under 17 - 49th place!
  • Liam Slattery: Boys Under 17 - 20th place!

7th place!!! Congratulations OID Senior Mixed Ceili Team! Pictured below: top row- Sean Boyles, Liam Slattery, David Ochs, Evan Lowe; bottom row - Meghan Golder, Rita Wegner, Claire Dietzsch, and Amy Green.

7th place OID Senior Mixed Ceili TeamGood first round!


We made history when two generations of schools placed together in the world championships. Here is our team in London for the Worlds intermingled with Cormac's parents' team!