Get Up Your Irish!

Playwright and Director: Natalie O'Shea
Music Director: Norah Rendell
Choreographer: Cormac O'Sé
Performed March 11-20, 2011

St. Paul, Minn. — A group of child actors, dancers and musicians tell the story of the Irish immigration to Minnesota in a show that ran March 11-20, 2011 at St. Paul's SteppingStone Theater. The play, "Get Up Your Irish," takes place in Connemara Patch. It was a 19th Century Irish ghetto in what is now the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul.







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Womenfolk speaks with Norah Rendell on KFAI, March 15, 2011 one hour and 25 minutes into the show.

Get Up Your Irish! is a collaboration between: 

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