Nationals 2018: Orlando

The North American Irish Dance Championships (Nationals) was AMAZING! Jason came in FIRST place!! We are very proud of him! We had three other dancers (Evan, Sophie and Molly M) finish in the top 10! There are seven world qualifiers! Jason (1st), Sophie (7th), Molly L (17th), Molly M (7th), Ava (21st), Hannah (23rd) and Evan (4th)! We had more that recalled and placed as well - Ayuna (39th) and Roisin (51st). Our teams finished with the O16 and U16 Girls (7th), U13 Mixed (4th), and U9 Mixed (2nd). In addition, our very own graduated senior Meghan received a scholarship! We are so proud of ALL the O’Shea dancers who danced teams and solos this past week including, Nora, London, Alana, Adrienne, Maddy, Maggie, Danielle, Anjali, Meghan, Anna, Cece and the teams U11 Mixed, U9 Girls, U13 Girls, O16 Mixed. We love you all!