O’Shea Irish Dance, LLC (OID) Policies and Procedures

Tuition and Attendance:

  • For all new and returning students, a $35 per student annual registration fee is required at the time of a new student registration or each fall for returning students.
  • OID tuition is due in full at the 1st of the month.  Tuition not paid by the 15th of the month will be subject to a late fee & will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.
  • We strongly encourage families to select the Automatic/Recurring Payment option in Studio Director. Families who do not select the auto-pay option in Studio Director must check their account regularly to keep on top of payments at www.thestudiodirector.com/osheairishdance/register.jsp.
  • Deposits and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable once the season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)has begun.
  • Tuition rates are averaged monthly over the 12 month calendar to account for months in which there are holidays and/or scheduled breaks throughout the year (Winter, Summer, End of Year).
  • Regardless of the number of classes in the month, or attendance in those classes, this averaged monthly payment is due to OID classes as a membership. This increases according to the number of classes taken per week.
  • Instructors may be substituted at any time. If a class is cancelled due to instructor unavailability, a makeup class will be offered within a reasonable time frame to those students affected.
  • OID reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment is low.


  • Please arrive prior to your class, ready to participate (shoes on and tied, hair up and out of the face). When your class is finished, please clear the studio promptly, to allow others to begin their classes. Parent check-ins with teachers are welcome briefly; email is encouraged.
  • Parents are responsible for any children/dependents outside of the immediate classroom.
  • Please treat our facility as you would a friend's home and respect our CJAC tenants regarding their space and noise.
  • Your child's class time is precious – please allow time for restroom breaks before or after class only! We try to limit bathroom breaks during class time as much as possible.
  • If you are a student of 2 or more weekly classes, and as a result of other sports activities, long-term injuries or family issues, you need a “sabbatical," please contact the office.
    • This option will be available only once a year.
    • The start and end dates must be submitted in writing.

Enrollment Procedures:

  • All students must provide full registration information signed by a legal guardian.
  • All students/guardians must sign a Release and Indemnification form upon registering, with initials for a medical and photo release approval.
  • By registering you agree that you have read and will abide by our Policies and Procedures.
  • Placement in class levels is determined by the instructors, with the needs of the class as a whole and also the needs of each individual student in mind.  Students are placed and advanced due to their ability & progression, not by time spent in a class.
  • If a student is not meeting the level of the class, they may be moved to a program more suited to their pace and ability.
  • We reserve the right to remove any student from a class and to recommend an alternative.
  • OID is not responsible for injuries sustained during classes, performances, or feiseanna (competitions).
  • OID does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, national origin or sexual orientation. OID is an inclusive community. All are welcome.

Clothing Guide: 

  • All Classes: Close-fit, flexible clothes to move in, such as dance pants & leotards, athletic shorts & non-baggy t-shirts, or sweat pants & zip-up top will be appropriate.
  • Layers are encouraged to warm up.
  • Excessive jewellery, jeans, pants longer than ankle length, and long skirts are not appropriate attire for this activity.
  • Hair tied up and back is encouraged – we like to see dancers’ faces & alignment.
  • Beginner and Up: Irish dance soft shoes (girls)  and Irish dance Reel shoes (boys), appropriately fit to the student. Beginner boys may chose to dance in standard Jazz shoes (available at Grand Jeté). Soft shoes and Reels shoes are available at Irish on Grand.
  • Primary 1 and above: Hard shoes, appropriately fitted as directed by the instructors: FITTING GUIDELINE: No more than a half inch for growth.  Loose shoes don't allow the students control and will cause blisters as they slip on their heels.
  • ALL! We recommend ALL students to bring a water bottle, as we will work hard, and need everyone to stay hydrated!

Parental Observation and Visitors:

Upon registration with our school, family are welcome in the first class  as an introduction, and may stop in periodically thereafter.  During classes, parents may enjoy the lobby areas* and pick up their student from the studio door when class is done.

We may have prospective students and families visiting to see if O’Shea Irish Dance might be a good fit for them. They will be allowed to observe in a way that is respectful of our students and teachers and they will be asked to refrain from talking and/or distracting from our class time.

The safety and well-being of dancers  and families are of great concern to us at O’Shea Irish Dance.  We encourage you to help us in making everyone’s experience enjoyable by reviewing these safety and behavioural concerns with your children.

Safety Concerns:

  • OID is not responsible for students once they leave the classroom.  Students under 10 must be accompanied by an adult known to us and them when leaving.  Guardians will be asked to supply names of family/friends allowed to pick up their students. If a late pickup cannont be avoided, young children may wait in their classroom with their teacher. Older students aged 10-15 may wait in the main lobby. Dancers 16 and older who are able to drive themselves are free to leave on their own accord.
  • If a dancer needs to leave class early, the dancer must tell the instructor when they leave and the reason for their departure.
  • Dancers are permitted to do homework in the lobby area,* provided they have permission from their parents and their instructor, to leave class. Students may not leave class without the permission of their instructor.
  • Please secure all personal items.  These may be brought into the studio during class.  O’Shea Irish Dance, LLC & The Celtic Junction, LLC are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost and found is in the lobby.
  • Phones, games or electronic devices are NOT allowed to be used in the classroom.
  • Hallways and Lobby areas are fire escape routes and must be kept free from obstacles and clutter. It is illegal to cause obstruction.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed in the studio.  You must clean up after yourself, and are encouraged to  recycle.  No gum, pop or damaging shoes are allowed in studio spaces.
  • Respect the space. To avoid injury, no hanging on the barres in the studio, running in the hallways, lobby, or on the stairs, and no kicking/touching the mirrors.

Behavioural Expectations:

  • Discipline, decorum, and respect in and out of the classroom are essential for student progress and development.  All students and families must show courtesy, kindness, and respect for fellow students and families, staff members, and artists involved with O’Shea Irish Dance. In addition, dancers and families should show courtesy, kindness and respect for all other members, organizations, tenants, and guests of The Celtic Junction Arts Center.  All students and families are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and  respectful manner in class, at all performances, and at Feiseanna.
  • Treat each dance class as a school class.  Raise your hand to ask questions, refrain from distracting other students, and follow directions.

We reserve the right to direct any student not following these safety or behavioural guidelines to the following disciplinary procedures:

  1. First warning. We will ask the student to correct the situation.
  2. Second warning. We will ask the student to sit down and watch quietly, and we will contact the student’s guardian regarding the behaviour.
  3. Final warning. We will remove the student from the remainder of the class and place them under a guardian's care.

**Removal from school:  If  behaviour continues to be an issue, we reserve the right to drop enrollment and recommend the student and guardian seek another school or activity more suited to their needs.

OID Policies & Conditions:

  • The steps and choreography taught at OID are the intellectual property of O’Shea Irish Dance, LLC. No part of these steps may be used or adapted without express written permission of Cormac O’Sé, with the exception of the published, public, traditional set dances and ceili dances.
  • The OID costumes may be used ONLY for O’Shea Irish Dance events including, but not limited to: registered CLRG feiseanna;  OID performances (IMDA St. Pat’s Day, MN Irish Fair, other public exhibitions with OID); or pre-approved school talent shows, benefits or any other public showings.
  • All students enrolling in O’Shea Irish Dance must disclose any previous involvement with another school or dance organization. Students 18 and under may not belong to or participate in another Irish/Celtic related performance or competition dance organization while enrolled with OID unless disclosed to and approved by Cormac O’Sé.
  • Dancers wishing to transfer from another TCRG registered school must first receive approval from Cormac O'Sé, Director & T.C.R.G.  If accepted, they must sign a transfer agreement, complete the full registration process, and end any participation with the previous school immediately upon enrolling at OID.
  • Adult students not actively competing may participate in other performance related organizations but must disclose involvement with any other organization. Again, no steps or choreography, as the intellectual property of OID may be used in any way in practice or performance with any other organization.
  • The studios at The Celtic Junction Arts Center are to be used only by registered OID students for OID related purposes, unless they are rented or contracted out by another organization with the Celtic Junction Arts Center, for their own purposes.
  • The Celtic Junction Arts Center dance studios are available for student practice on weekends unless an outside organization has already rented the facilities. Students wishing to book studio time or check availability, please email our Administrator at oidadmin@osheairishdance.com. The cost of the studio is $5 per dancer, per hour.  Cash can be left in the payment box situated to the right of The Celtic Junction Arts Center office door in the main lobby.

Any breach in these policies & conditions may result in disciplinary action and/or removal from the school. We wish for everyone’s time here to be full of fun and learning.  These rules and requests allow for everyone to have that opportunity, and to maintain respect between all parties.

Thank You!

Cormac O’Se and Natalie O’Shea,

O’Shea Irish Dance, LLC